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Horizontal Cylinder Prefabrication Solution

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  In offshore prefabrication projects, there are various complex components that need to be prefabricated, such as pipe racks, H-beams, piles/pedestals, and pipelines. For different prefabrication tasks, NAEC provides different overall solutions.

  Since 2006, NAEC has been developing manufacturing equipment and technology for offshore piles/pedestals, believing that by completing most of the prefabrication work in the factory and using logical prefabrication processes and efficient logistics systems, production efficiency can be greatly improved, thereby further increasing customer profitability.

  Offshore pile/pedestal components are made by rolling steel plates into circular shapes, typically about 3 meters in length. In NAEC's design, we suggest joining single 3-meter-long pipe sections to form cylinders up to 12 meters long. These 12-meter cylinders can then be extended to the required length. NAEC's equipment development and design integrate advanced and efficient prefabrication technologies such as twin-wire welding and multi-wire welding to meet different welding seam requirements. Such integrated planning and design have been successfully implemented in PetroChina's offshore manufacturing base.

  NAEC's prefabrication solution for offshore piles/pedestals includes plate cutting, milling, shot blasting and painting, plate rolling, longitudinal and circumferential welding, pipe section assembly, pre-treatment, circumferential welding, cylinder alignment and extension, and non-destructive testing solutions. NAEC's offshore pile/pedestal solution capabilities cover a diameter range of 500-5000mm.

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